Comfort, convenience and cost-savings, on environmentalism’s cutting edge

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The New Home of Energy Efficiency
A high-efficiency, non-toxic refrigerant heating, cooling and potable water system, all in one device: The patented Thermal Compression Climate Control (TC3) will reduce annual carbon dioxide emissions and energy costs by as much as half across residential applications.* With a decade of laboratory research (supported by private investments and government grants) and regional demonstration projects (funded by large North American utilities), ThermoLift is confronting spiraling energy and climate concerns—and empowering homeowners as carbon-reduction leaders.
* Based upon independently verified lab test results (ORNL, 2018) for performance efficiency and Energy Plus software simulating emissions savings. The TC3 energy and cost savings will vary upon application, climate and input source energy utilized for power production of the local and regional electric grids, among other factors.
Balance Your Budget (And Save the World, Too)
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Out With the Old

Complicated heating/cooling systems, plus separate devices to heat and cool water—replaced by a quiet, compact, efficient device providing the same amenities with comparable installation costs, lower operational expenses and dramatic carbon reductions. 

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Reasons For All Seasons

In winter, the TC3 extracts heat from the air to sustain its patented thermodynamic cycle. In summer, it transfers indoor heat to water—cooling your air and warming your bath, all in the same energy-efficient cycle. 

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Stamping Out Carbon

The low-maintenance, fuel-flexible TC3 is powered by the heat in the air, supplanted by natural gas, biogas and other low-carbon fuels—increasing your comfort and reducing your carbon footprint, all at once.