In control, from cryo-storage to the lab to healthcare’s front lines.

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Multiplying Life Sciences by Environmental Efficiency
New antiviral air-circulation technologies may save us from future pandemics, but they invariably change localized heat loads—a menace for laboratories, clinics and other facilities across the life sciences, where delicate temperature control is often the line between life and death.

And that’s just one life sciences-related use for the Thermal Compression Climate Control (TC3), the product of millions in public and private funding, a decade of cutting-edge benchwork and a multinational array of top industry partnerships, all resulting in a cost-efficient carbon-reduction champion for a wide range of science and healthcare applications—from hybrid cryogenics to patient cooling beds and much more.
Flexible Solutions Across the Science Spectrum.
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Cold-Blooded Efficiency

The rapid cooling and processing of blood plasma is critical to preserving coagulation activity and red blood cells— and only the TC3 can do it with lower carbon emissions and energy cost.

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Cutting-Edge Execution

Sample storage, laboratory testing, vaccine distribution, a new frontier of patient services—all within precision parameters maintained by our ecological, economical TC3 technology.

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All-Environment Flexibility

Compatible with the latest air-filtration technologies, ThermoLift’s scalable thermodynamic process changes as environments change—any shape, any size, any temperature.