Manufacturing Project Engineer

General Responsibilities 

  • Design and develop manufacturing engineered systems for a lean mfg. process flow using lean concepts.
  • Analyze work distribution and high traffic areas, using stopwatch time studies and spaghetti diagrams.
  • Initiate and implement problem solving, and continuous improvement projects using 5why, fishbone, 5W1H, root cause analysis methodology.
  • Work closely with suppliers to define and implement the most effective packaging solutions applying ergonomics and lean concepts.
  • Design test & assembly fixtures, drawings, specifications, & other required technical documents.
  • Develop and optimize the manufacturing process flow maps, line balancing, plan for every part (PFEP), and material pull systems.
  • Develop the process controls for production monitoring using PLCs, and sophisticated data collection devices.
  • Write the equipment preventative, corrective, and TPM procedures & make necessary repairs, by analyzing historically collected data.
  • Create layouts using CAD; install manufacturing equipment for optimized lean flow.
  • Complete detailed standard work instructions, process change procedures, control charts, quality checks, and all visual factory process monitoring boards per company quality standards.
  • Use precise measuring tools (micrometers, air gages, dial bore gages, dial indicators, calipers, CMM, OGP, and laser type measuring devices) and properly operate all equipment.
  • Conduct product failure analysis, & DFM analysis for low cost, highest quality production.
  • Specify production automation robotics, welders, and precision measurement machines and use precision electrical instruments like Fluke-meters, Oscilloscopes, Power Supplies.
  • Retrieve correct drawings from the database and send them to the supplier via FTP
  • Meet with suppliers and follow up with them for pricing and delivery dates.
  • Coordination with suppliers on quality defects and technical discrepancies


Required Education:

Master’s in Systems Engineering (Industrial and Manufacturing System Engineering) or Master’s in Industrial Engineering.


24 months of experience as Industrial/Logistics Engineer in a manufacturing environment including use of the following skills to create efficient sequence of operations, workflow, use of production facility, and use of personnel.

  • Project Management
  • Project Planning
  • Process Mapping
  • Timing Studies
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Requirements Engineering
  • AutoCAD
  • Project Feasibility Studies


Location of Work:   Novi, MI 48377